Just returned from a super fab visit to the 55th Venice Biennale with my southern art-loving friends..Here are some fav pix and some fav exhibits from the trip (not in order of fav fyi - and so sorry about using the word "fav," ew.)


The British Pavilion and Jeremy Deller's video - watch the entire thing!! incredible.

"Memory Loss" by Yang Zhiln with 3000 teabags..incredible Chinese Pavilion altogether:

Javier Blamaseda's installation-what a talent:

"Tempo (Tempo) Tempo:  amazing installation at the Uruguay Pavilion with Wifredo Diaz Valdez:

Everything in the Fortuny Museum 
especially all the amazing work by artist, Antoni Tapies

In the Dutch Pavilion, "Room with a Broken Sentence" - work by Mark Manders WOW:

Rudolf Stingel at the Palazzo Grassi and his amazing HUGE Franz West (personal fav artist) painting..the building was literally covered in fake red Ottoman carpets (printed images on synthetic carpet)


Loved Tavares Strachan in the Bahamas Pavilion - loved the concept and the art and how beautiful the exhibit was - read about the artist and his work..it's pretty fabulous:

This is plastic filiment immersed in mineral oil - a full-scale sculpture of the explorer that GLOWS:
it looks like a hologram.  

The amazing Sarah Sze in the American Pavilion - I could have stayed in there all day:

Finland's Pavilion with Antti Laitinen-lovely:

KP Brehmer's "sky colors" - simple and fabulous:

Emotional piece by Berlinde de Bruyckere in the Belgium Pavilion, "Cripplewood:"

Disturbing but can't-look-away black and white photos, "The Park," by Kohei Yoshiyuki, depicting voyeuristic lurkers in Tokyo parks:

"Senzatitolo" by Marco Tirelli: multiple drawings and mixed media pieces that were so seemingly simple but as a whole, so important and radiant:

Lara Almarcegui in the Spanish Pavilion - rubble at its best: 

drop dead gorgeous glass from NY artist, Judi Harvest..bees without borders: "Denatured." Luscious pieces you want to eat.

and here are some last images - sorry I forgot to write down the artists...what a trip and what inspired work we saw..Still think our first Biennale 4 years ago was the best..maybe because it was the first I'd experienced. 


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