studio and snow 2011


some new paintings coming along...lots of blues, greens, greys and yellows for some reason; imagery from my kayak trip; more natural-looking forms (boulders, leaves, growing things);
taking another printmaking class at DeCordova again; can't wait to get on etching.

still trying to incorporate some prints with my paintings...it's unnerving to fuss with them, knowing I could completely muck them up. A favorite art teacher from way back told me, if you are protecting a pretty mark or are protecting a part of a painting you are intrigued with, get rid of it - it's never good to keep part of a painting precious...you have to work on the painting as a unit. I always think of that if I'm protecting a nice-looking drip or something!


Here're my dogs - Calvin HATES the cold so it's a trick getting him out - the others love it.


Guanacaste, Costa Rica...I know I'm a die-hard New Englander but wow, it's hard to come back from paradise to ice and Yaktrax and blistering winds and dry skin...hmmmm. I guess it's all about looking forward to the next season.

As my mom would say, "buck up!" So, I'll bring on the humidifier, neutrogena extra emollient lotion, drink a hot toddy and throw on the biggest wool sweater I've got...back to work!
(here's my son, Finn)