just returned from a trip to El Salvador. My girls, Julia and Amelia started a charity, Kids to Kids, a few years ago which supports several programs in the region (among others) so we took a trip to visit. It was a beautiful country; wonderful people, but lots of poverty and violence. Please CHECK OUT the LATEST VIDEO - lots of footage of the trips they've been on/our trip to El Salvador - and my daughter, Julia.

My friend, Sarah Henry (San Juan Islands local-ahhhh, someday I'll get there), who is Director of
World Connect organized the trip.


Paintings are still at the gallery but call first to make an appointment.
Amnon Goldman is the best/most approachable gallery director in the biz - hang out and stay awhile. www.mercurygallery.com
He's been my friend and mentor for many years - super, great person.

UGH - very difficult to view myself on the video since I wasn't my effervescent best that morning but, despite my vanity, it's a GREAT video since it really gives you a glimpse into my world; also, the collectors'/gallery director's comments are right on the mark - only in that their observations are so how I'm hoping the art is perceived...it's all good stuff. Check it out! THE VIDEO

It's amazing how a small space can be transformed by a large painting.