look away!

Don't read if you're not able to cope with nasty business...delete now and save yourself! 
I was just reflecting on what gets me fired up to paint and in addition to those fluffy birds: beauty, nature, music, sensuous experiences; there is also that thorny thing called anger.  Here is a little video that causes me to use a tad more red paint than I should: 
It's lovingly called, "have to work late again honey." 

(Luckily my head is screwed on pretty tight; there are more devastating moments in life than divorce; and love and forgiveness and humor are essential to my day;  but every once in a while the ole' anger thing rears its vicious head and paint FLIES.)



As an artist you learn to go with the flow - some days I can whip out the beginnings of 5 paintings, while rocking out to White Stripes; other days I'm practically in an anti-creative coma, and other days I'm helping my daughter stay calm while figuring out her college applications in the car and taking my dog to the vet AGAIN because of a coyote bite...I always figured my day to day fumblings always lead to the vibe of my artwork. It's all good.

It's funny my middle daugher is now looking at art colleges.  The apple doesn't fall far...Today we spent the day at RISD.  We went to the gallery there and saw the Vogel Collection...WHY am I so drawn to Richard Tuttle?? He could throw a piece of string on a board, frame it and make me weep. I can't figure this out.  I love his stuff.

Last weekend I spent 3 days in Acadia National Park with my kayak group - we're on our 10th anniversary.  We are a mix of doctors, artists, mothers, business women, PhD's, public service professionals; and all of us are passionate about nature and being outdoors, friendship, staying curious, finding our joy, and laughing until we are doubled over.  I wasn't painting but the time in Acadia, as in many other adventures, will contribute to my painting.  There were 7 out of 10 for this trip. Here are some prime moments and will most definitely contribute to my latest rock drawings: