Don't forget to watch my video here - I was pretty inspired in Utah.


summer process

It's hot, my yard is a bunch of rubble, and my studio is white hot...so I'm on a new series which is all about "this"...here are some doodles and drawings I've been playing with.  
In order to get in the mood, I first do a simple stream of consciousness about walls and building walls and taking down walls as fast as I can -- writing down as many words as I can that pop in my head...all very therapeutic. I try and paint what's "in between" and what weight and heaviness feel like.  Some rocks at my house are in a crazy heap and others are in a very formal-style formation.  Fun start.  I'm painting on drafting film as well as some cool papers I found in Cambridge at the Art Store.



here's a link to my new blog - basically begun to help out my daughter and her friends this summer but turned into something that is quite fun to write:   www.ihungrynow.blogspot.com/

Still moving into studio - SLOOOOOOW process.