kid stuff

ok, I have to throw in some kids pix since, well, I am a mom too. All three are very talented and creative in their individual ways....these are the most recent I've got.


winding down with the paintings for the show coming up...am happy with the new stuff..always a bit like giving birth to some of them - they are what they are at this point. Luckily I like mostly what I see!

Spending much time chasing after my bad dogs who enjoy bolting into the woods after chipmunks...what's up with this year? My jack russell and corgi basically LEAVE for sometimes over an hour then come back with dirt in their eyeballs and smeared who-knows-what all over...Calvin showed up bedraggled the other day with sprays of blood all over himself. I only hope he's not getting into baby.....well, he probably is. ugh. Here he is with the "good" dog who does NOTHING wrong except maybe love too much. Must clean studio - it's disaster central.